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Fischer acquired Bloom Associates, Ltd. from Murray Bloom in 1992.  Fischer has manufactured and serviced the Bloom® Stimulator ever since.  Today, the same team continues to provide the highest level of quality and support.  Now, Fischer Medical brings the latest in electrophysiology cardiac stimulator technology to the  market with the Bloom2.

Fischer Medical has been actively involved in cardiac electrophysiology since it introduced its x-ray systems in the 1970’s.  Fischer continued its line by manufacturing recording and monitoring systems for electrophysiology.  With the acquisition of Bloom Associates Ltd. of Reading, PA in 1992, Fischer added a key component of the electrophysiology lab to its arsenal.

The Fischer brand dates back to the H.G. Fischer Company founded in 1910.  H.G. Fischer began in Chicago, IL and is the oldest manufacturer of X-ray imaging devices in the U.S.  We continue this proud tradition today with the Bloom® DTU-215B and the Bloom² line of cardiac stimulators.

Brief History



H.G. Fischer & Company acquired by Graco, Inc.


H.G. Fischer & Company acquired by private investment group


Fischer Imaging acquired by Diasonics for $75M


Rescission from Diasonics sale and acquisition of Diasonics digital radiography business


Fischer Imaging IPO


Acquisition of Bloom Associates, Ltd.


Fischer mammography IP sold to Hologic for $32M


Fischer Imaging acquired by Fischer Medical Technologies

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