Choose between the dependable classic Bloom® with all the pacing protocols set directly by the operator or the Bloom®2 with a touchscreen interface, tactile controls, and small footprint.

Your choice in EP Stimulator technology just got even better.



The most advanced technology comes to the Bloom® series in the form of a touchscreen, removing the headaches seen in other new devices in the EP market.

With Bloom®2 the electrophysiologist’s preferred protocol setups can be pre-programmed, and are available to alter in an instant – just like the established DTU system.

The touchscreen simplifies setups, while conventional tactile switch controls provide that familiar, recognized “touch” during procedures.

The tactile controls are on a small moveable panel for control of ongoing pacing during the unfolding diagnosis. The panel is operated without any visual distractions: No menu “drill downs”, but still the unrestricted instant burst system for which the Bloom is famous.

The Bloom electrophysiology Stimulators

For more than 40 years Bloom® has been the gold standard in electrophysiology stimulation in EP labs worldwide… why choose anything else?

The Bloom electrophysiology Stimulators

Bloom® Classic


The Bloom® DTU-215B EP Stimulators have been the ‘Gold Standard’ in EP Labs worldwide for more than forty years. Four-channel capabilities set them apart from other EP stimulators.

Their ease of use and long-term reliability make them the market leader for electrophysiology professionals and cardiologists in the treatment of arrhythmias, and doing EP studies.

One glance at the display gives the electrophysiologist accurate and up-to-date information with regard to stimulation settings, thus minimizing any errors that could occur inadvertently with other stimulators. The DTU-215B is often imitated but never duplicated. The DTU-215B gives the EP Professional the confidence and security that the process will be flawless and minimize any patient discomfort with regard to the overall timing of the procedure. Bloom® stimulators are renowned not only for supporting today’s EP protocols, but for their reliability to support future protocols as well.

1 The type of Bloom® Stimulator you own is printed on the silver tag on the back of your Bloom Stimulator. To inquire: Contact Us.